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Primer Hands On: System of Care Training for Leaders

What is Primer Hands On?

Primer Hands On: System of Care Training for Leaders is an interactive curriculum- based course for leaders from states, tribes, territories, communities, and family and youth organizations who have influential roles in the development of systems of care for children at-risk for or with serious emotional disturbances and their families.

The two-day training is designed to provide leaders with in-depth knowledge of the structural, process, and operational components of successful systems of care. The training also offers a strategic approach for leaders to build support and momentum for implementing systems of care.

The training and materials have been adapted for several audiences:

  • Child mental health and child welfare agency administrators and supervisors
  • Researchers and evaluators
  • Leaders of family and youth organizations
  • Spanish speaking communities
  • As a “training of trainers” training offered in both English and Spanish

How Does It Work?

  • Leaders learn how to use the organizing framework and strategic approach laid out in Sheila Pires’ document, Building Systems of Care: A Primer (2nd Edition)
  • The two-day interactive training focuses on all aspects of designing, implementing, operating, and assuring the quality of community-based systems of care
  • The training incorporates practice scenarios related to system building
  • Participants work in groups to resolve problems and organize effective service delivery systems
  • The training covers key topic areas from the Primer, including:
    • Effective engagement of states, tribes, communities, and organizations at the infrastructure and practice levels
    • A strategic approach to mapping and building community systems
    • Critical processes for effective system governance and operations
    • 28 key component functions essential to operating effective systems of care
    • The pros and cons of different structural approaches, particularly as they affect the experiences of those involved in system building and impact on outcomes for children and families

Products from the Training

Participants in Primer Hands On receive all the materials for replicating the systems of care training in their home states and communities.

This includes:
• The document, Building Systems of Care: A Primer (2nd Edition)
• The annotated course curriculum
• Power Point slides
• Group exercises, training agenda, and evaluation forms

Materials are available in Spanish and English.

How this Training Can Benefit You?

Primer Hands On provides a dynamic, reality- based training on how to strategically build and improve systems of care. It incorporates the wealth of experience from communities across the country, including discussions of different approaches to system building and lessons learned from successful processes.

Leaders will find this curriculum-based training essential learning that provides a road map to guide their own system building work.

How Do I Access Primer Hands On Training?

Primer Hands On is offered as an open training twice a year by the Georgetown University National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health. Please check the Georgetown website for upcoming trainings and look for announcements sent out in the Winter and Summer.

The training is also offered at cost for states, tribes, territories, and communities that want to provide Primer Hands On training for their constituencies.

Copies of Building Systems of Care: A Primer (2nd Edition) is available for purchase and can be ordered from our website: http://gucchd.georgetown.edu/374615.html

Contact Information

For further information or additional questions, please contact:
Gary Macbeth, M.S.W., M.Ed.
Senior Policy Associate
National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health
Center for Child and Human Development, Georgetown University