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Leadership Academies

The core of Georgetown University’s Leadership for Systems Change activities has been the Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy continues to grow and evolve its offerings from an intensive four-day academy experience that serves as the foundation for leadership training to additional specialized, individualized two-day targeted trainings.

In addition, the curriculum has also been adapted for workshops, webinars, and keynote presentations. The four-day Leadership Academy itself provides focused attention to individual leadership challenges and offers peer-to-peer consultation in small groups.

The Leadership Academy has three stages of learning:

  1. A 2.5 - 3 month preparatory period in which individuals begin exploring and identifying their leadership behaviors and challenges;
  2. A four-day intensive training and learning experience that employs a variety of learning methods where individuals explore their own leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement; and
  3. A continuous learning framework in which participants apply and deepen the leadership concepts in their home environments.

Participants learn how to motivate teams toward a shared vision, partner more effectively with formal and informal leaders, take risks, and foster resilience for enhanced leadership effectiveness. The entire leadership curriculum has been infused with material that highlights the importance of cultural and linguistic competency as a skill for leaders that will influence their effectiveness within the dynamics of difference. 

Click here for more Information about the 2015 "Georgetown Leadership Academy".

Currently, the Georgetown University Leadership Program houses a wide variety of leadership programs and activities under one structure.

For More Information on all the offerings of the Georgetown Leadership Program, please contact Ellen Kagen at kageneb@georgetown.edu.